Italian Desserts That Make Us Fall in Love


Italy is a paradise for dessert-lovers. The country's culinary scene is fiercely diverse and dynamic. Quite obviously, Rome boasts of countless bakeries, gelaterias and pastry shops that roll out finest Italian puddings and sweets. After completing the tours of the Roman Forum, do check out these places and please the sweet tooth in you. In the meantime, browse through this article and pencil the spots you would head to on your next visit to the Eternal City.


This dollop of creamy goodness is Italy's most divine creation! It is frozen, delicious and all-natural. Yes, it contains no additives or artificial preservatives; hence it's a big scoop of nature's most striking flavours. As compared to an ice-cream, gelato is much denser and contains less fat comparatively.

Try classic flavours like Chocolate, Stracciatella, Hazelnut and Crema as well as contemporary concocted variants such as melon, yoghurt, tiramisu, pumpkin and caramel. Stay rest assured, none of the flavours will disappoint you.

Best gelaterias in Rome: Fatamorgana, Gelateria dei Gracchi, La Neviera, Gelateria Come il Latte, Giolitti and Don Nino.


Best of all puddings in the world, Tiramisu is an Italian classic made with cocoa, coffee and sweet mascarpone. It is rich and creamy in taste. At first, the crispy savoirdi biscuits are dunked in coffee, then layered with sinful mascarpone cream cheese and at last peppered with cocoa powder from the top. The result is divine. While the dash of liqueur kicks your taste buds, the gooey texture warms your mouth.

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